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Welcome to the Comic Shorts Wiki[]

This is the official Wiki for the webcomic, Comic Shorts! Right now, it's mostly for keeping track of story ideas as we start taking the comics in a new direction, but we'll add character bios and information on individual episodes when we feel like it! In the meantime, try reading about The Comic Shorts Universe!

All information we put on here is officially as canon as it gets, and overrides any previously existing plot points, character details and events. Story details from earlier comics and bios may be revised or left out entirely in order to fit with out current version of a consistent overall story.

So basically if one comic says one thing about a character, but their page on the Wiki says something completely different, go with the wiki version.

Comic Shorts[]

Comic Shorts is a webcomic by John Hood and Nathan Spencer. It follows the misadventures of a ninja named Zanshlou, a robot named Leko, an idiot named Label Buddy, and many many more.


  • Elizabeth
  • Sammy
  • Ace
  • Speck of Dirt
  • Villain
  • Shadowy Figure
  • Dark Buddy
  • LE-37

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