Leko as he appears in Comic Shorts: Reproduction

Leko is a sentient, highly advanced Class 0 robot built by the robotics division of Lysander Edison Laboratories . He is extremely intelligent, but very impatient and somewhat scatterbrained, often starting many projects and finishing only a handful.

A big fan of science fiction stories, Leko often puts his inventive nature to good use by trying to recreate fictional technologies. (With varying degrees of success.) One notable example is his weapon of choice: a red laser sword visually and functionally similar to the Lightsabers of the Star Wars universe, though with much less cutting power.

Arrival in ComicshortsiaEdit

Developed over the course of 3 years, Lysander Edison's first class 0 robot known as "Leko" was unfortunately lost during a teleportation accident that brought the main facility to the universe of Comicshortsia . The resulting electromagnetic surges caused extensive damage to the facility's computer systems and wiped out a large percentage of experimental data, including all files pretaining to the prototype research.

Leko himself was teleported into a dumpster just ouside a large city. His body having undergone an emergency shutdown, he remained immobile for nearly a year before he was discovered and reactivated by Zanshlou and Tailii .

Run-ins With LEEdit

LE Blueprints Labeled

Blueprints of Leko's head.

Leko is and will continue to be the only robot of his kind unless he allows Lysander Edison scientists to disassemble him and reverse engineer their own designs to make up for lost research, a prospect for which he holds little enthusiasm.

LE's early post-incident attempts at hunting down Leko and taking him in by force were met with continuous failure until they were forced to abandon their efforts by Comicshortsia's Robot Protection Laws. These laws (existing well before LE entered Comicshortsia) declared sufficiently intelligent robots such as Leko to be sentient lifeforms, and therefore under government protection from any property reclaimation attempts. Lysander Edison has since begrudgingly allowed Leko to live freely until such time as he chooses to return.

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